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Back on track

I’ve been doing pretty good about what I’m eating lately, but not starving myself either.  I didn’t weigh myself this past weekend since I was at my parents house.  I need to stay motivated though, just a year until I need to be in a bridesmaid dress for my sister’s wedding.  We went shopping for a wedding dress while I was home, so that helped get me remotivated.  I’m going to post some pics as soon as I get them up loaded.I didn’t try on anything for bridesmaids stuff, I have no desire to try to get my fat butt into a dress right now.  I work today and tomorrow.  I will get back here at least one of my days off to work out.  I promise!!! Right now that is my biggest hurdle, getting motivated to get out of the house and work out on my days off when all I want to do is lay around in my PJ’s.  Here’s my menu for today.

B-Banana Oatmeal w/ 1/2 tbsp peanut butter stirred in.  (YUM!) (4pts)

L-Smart One’s Quesadillas (2 of them for 8 pts), Pretty good, but they were in the microwave for twice as long as the box said and still not quite hot.  Maybe it’s because the microwave here at work is older than I am. Pretzels (2), broccoli (0) and maybe 100 calorie pack later for a snack (2)

D-Left overs. Probably baked Mac’n’cheese or pot roast.


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Weigh in Day

So, it was weigh in day today. I was down half a pound. Not a lot, but considering I was expecting a gain, I’m happy.  I’ve lost seven total in three weeks.  I ate so much junk this week between Super Bowl and Fat Tuesday there was junk everywhere all week. I did really well yesterday. I didn’t eat anything that I hadn’t planned for. I ended up not working out because my class went until after 3:00 and I hadn’t eaten lunch yet. So much for the class only being an hour long. I have to work from 3-7 tonight, so I’m going to try to get in some exercise here at home. Oh, and yesterday I threw away my left over birthday cake.  It killed me since that thing cost $20, but I’ve been picking at it, so in the trash it went.  Here is my plan for today.

B-Oatmeal (2)

L-Chicken Breast (5), Shrimp (2), 3 pirogies (3), Black Beans (2), Tortilla Chips (2), Weight Watcher Ice cream (2)
D-Lean Cuisine Panini (6), Tomato Soup (2), Pudding Cup (2)

I’ve started looking at home workout equipment. I’d like to have some sort of cardio equipment to have here at the house to do in front of the TV while I watch my shows that I record. I would like to have a treadmill because of it’s more versatile. But, I need something more low impact. One of the nurses I work with has a Gazelle at home and really likes it. They are pretty cheep, and I think it would a good piece to start with. I really want an elliptical, but to have a nice one it’s thousands of dollars. I’m also going to check out Play It Again Sports to see what they have.

The weather around here has been crazy. Two days ago it was so warm that everyone was walking around in short sleeves, that night we had tornado watches and the sirens were going off, today we have snow.

Have a good day everyone and make it count!

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Back on track

Well, I gave myself yesterday off from counting points and being good.  Well, that turned into me not doing so hot all weekend.  Saturday I didn’t eat breakfast, but then we had fast food for lunch while running around getting groceries.  Then I had a frozen pizza that had veggies and chicken on it, but still high in points for dinner.  We won’t even talk about yesterday.  I’m going to take the jalapeño poppers to work and see if I can get rid of them today.  I work today, tomorrow, and Thursday this week, so I won’t get in much exercise.  Well, besides being on my feet 13 hours each day.  I’m going to try to do something light on Wednesday.  I’m scared of the scale this week.  I’m just hoping that I don’t gain.

Here’s the plan for today:

B-Cheerios (2), Banana (2) , FF Milk (1)

L-Frozen Dinner (6), Broccoli (0), Pretzels (2), FF pudding cup (2)

Do you see a pattern to my lunches on days that I work?

D-Something quick since I will get home late.

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Happy Hump Day!

Well, Brian is at his job interview right now.  I don’t really know what to pray for except for that he does well.  It seems that every time I feel that God is leading us somewhere or I’m sure Brian has interviewed for the perfect job it ends up not working out.

Oh, and that camera I ordered??  Remember it??  Yeah, I don’t expect to ever get it.  I was stupid and didn’t read reviews on the website that I ordered it from.  I thought it was weird that I never got a confirmation e-mail or anything from them, so I started reading about their company last night and found out they have hundreds of complaints against them at the Better Business Bureau.  So far I have been lucky and they haven’t charged me for the camera either.  I’ll be watching to make sure they don’t charge me and if they do I will dispute it with our bank.  So, I’m camera shopping again.  My lens that I ordered is on its way, I just won’t have a camera to use it with yet. HA!

Soooo, now I’m of course debating back and forth about what camera I want again.  I diffidently want a Nikon.  Maybe Brian will get this job and I’ll have unlimited resources to buy whatever camera I want.  Ha! Ha!

Work just called me to see if I would pick up a four hour shift from 3-7 today.  Since I got called off on Sunday I’m going to pick it up.  So, I’m just going to do a cardio video here at home.  I had planned to make baked mac n cheese for dinner, but I guess I will just take a frozen dinner with me.

Here’s my menu for today:

B-blueberry oatmeal (2)

L-Taco salad or Tacos w/ light tortillas

D-Frozen dinner (6) , broccoli(0), pretzels (2), chocolate pudding cup(2)

Well, I better go EAT my oatmeal since it’s almost lunch time already!

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In need of encouragement

I’ve had a rough two days. Between lunch and dinner I’ve had that after noon crash. I’ve been craving chocolate and CARBS! CARBS! CARBS! I don’t know if it’s hormones or what. Tomorrow is my last day before I weigh in Thursday morning, so I need to stay strong.

Yesterday I did The Firm’s ab tape. I really can tell a difference in my stomach, which is my problem area if I keep doing it for a week or two. It’s just a matter of actually doing it. Tomorrow my goal is to get in some sort of work out. Hopefully I can get myself motivated to go over to the gym at the hospital. It busted my butt the other day. Plus, I need to finish up some unpacking before I go back to work on Thursday.

And is anyone watching The Biggest Loser with me tonight?? ACK! When they were climbing that escalator I so felt the burn in their legs with them. And I don’t know what team to cheer for now. Right now I’m cheering more for the under dog black team. It’s going to suck no matter who gets sent home. With the nasty thunder storms we’re getting right now I just hope my cable holds out so I can watch the end of the show.

Well, I need to get to bed. I’ve been staying up way too late the past few weeks. That doesn’t make it easy to get up on the days that I need to get up at 5 AM to get to work.

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Paid to play

I ended up being called off today and just being on call. I love getting paid to sleep and spend time at home. It was a nice day here, so after lunch we took Maggie to the dog park for her to play for awhile. I’m going to try to get some work done here around the house. I have tons of laundry to put away and I need to finish getting my closet organized, because my room upstairs is still a mess. It’s getting there though.

Yesterday I went to the gym at the hospital after work. Even though I didn’t get done working until an hour and half after I was supposed to. I had the whole gym to myself, which was nice. I spent 15 minutes on the elliptical and it almost killed me. It was a lot more difficult than any other elliptical I have used. After the elliptical I lifted weights for about 15 minutes and I’m feeling it today. Here’s my menu for today.

B -I didn’t eat any, I know “Shame! Shame!” I just didn’t have time to before church.

L-We went to Skyline for lunch. I got a salad, but now looking at points online I could have gotten a 3 way for less points. So, I’ll have to be good for dinner.

D-I think I might just have some soup and crackers and hopefully that will keep me full for the night. Right now it’s 5:00 and I’m still pretty full from lunch.

I’m off for the next three days, so hopefully I can keep it up. We need to go to the grocery store soon, I’m running out of options that are good for my diet.  OH! And I did order my camera.  Did I tell you that yet??  I can’t wait for it to come!

Have a good night everyone.

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The Battle of the Bulge

I took care of a patient last week who had survived the Battle of the Bulge during WWII. He was a pleasure to take care of. Full of spunk and interesting stories. I love old people. Have I said that before? I really do. They are so full of wisdom and charm. Well, most of them.

An update on my personal Battle of the Bulge. I think I did really well yesterday. I staid on my food plan, even though I was really hungry. The fish I made for lunch was really good though. I ended up still having 20 points to use at Fridays. I have no idea how many points I used, but I’m sure I was in range or very close. I got the Jack Daniels chicken. I was planning on only eating one of the two chicken breasts that it comes with, but they were both paper thin, so I ate them both. They came with a veggie mixture of green beans and broccoli, and I ate maybe 2/3 of the mashed potatoes. I also got a salad. I did have regular ranch dressing on it since their light dressing selection leaves much to be desired.

Boot Camp

I also did the first 30 minute section of Denise Austin’s Boot Camp video. It kicked my butt and my legs were sore for the rest of the day. That’s crazy considering it was only 30 minutes and the workout tapes I usually do are an hour. I did pull something in my neck I think, so my neck and shoulder are pretty sore today. Here’s my plan for today.

B-Oatmeal (2)

L-This shrimp and Pirogies thing I make. I’ll have to figure out points for it as I go along. I’ll post that recipe on here sometime.

D- Chicken Spaghetti from Piooner Woman . I’ll have to figure out points for it too. If I have points left over I’ll eat a Weight Watcher ice cream bar.

I’m going to at least do something to work out. We’ll see what video I grab. My other goal today is to try to finish unpacking some more stuff, so I’ll be climbing stairs a lot probably since this place is 3 stories.

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