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Back on track

I’ve been doing pretty good about what I’m eating lately, but not starving myself either.  I didn’t weigh myself this past weekend since I was at my parents house.  I need to stay motivated though, just a year until I need to be in a bridesmaid dress for my sister’s wedding.  We went shopping for a wedding dress while I was home, so that helped get me remotivated.  I’m going to post some pics as soon as I get them up loaded.I didn’t try on anything for bridesmaids stuff, I have no desire to try to get my fat butt into a dress right now.  I work today and tomorrow.  I will get back here at least one of my days off to work out.  I promise!!! Right now that is my biggest hurdle, getting motivated to get out of the house and work out on my days off when all I want to do is lay around in my PJ’s.  Here’s my menu for today.

B-Banana Oatmeal w/ 1/2 tbsp peanut butter stirred in.  (YUM!) (4pts)

L-Smart One’s Quesadillas (2 of them for 8 pts), Pretty good, but they were in the microwave for twice as long as the box said and still not quite hot.  Maybe it’s because the microwave here at work is older than I am. Pretzels (2), broccoli (0) and maybe 100 calorie pack later for a snack (2)

D-Left overs. Probably baked Mac’n’cheese or pot roast.


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Happy Valentines Day!

Well, first bad news.  Today was weigh in day and I gained.  I gained 1.5!  SUCK!  Especially since I ate a lot better than last week.  I was on plan all week except for twice we went out to eat early in the week.  I wasn’t good, but haven’t used any flex points except for those.  I’m wondering if maybe I’m holding  a lot of fluid in my muscles from my work out last night.  My arms and legs were like noodles when I left the gym at work.  I don’t know, kind of frustrating.  However I have gotten compliments from people at work that they can tell my scrubs are getting big on me.  At first I thought that was strange, but I realized that I have gave lost almost 17 pounds since I started working there.  I lost almost 10 of that before I started dieting.

Next, good news.  Hubby and I exchanged Valentines gifts last night since I have to work today.  Of course he went all out with out telling me he was actually getting me a nice present.  Usually for Valentines we just get something small for each other like cards and flowers or chocolates.  So, I got him a card and some good chocolate.  He got me a camera!  It’s not my SLR, but it is a nice point and shoot to replace the crappy one I have now.  It will be a perfect camera to slip into my purse on days that I don’t want to take my SLR once I get it.  Perfect timing since I was dreading taking pictures in Vegas with our previous camera.

Here’s my menu for today:

B-Oatmeal (2)

L-Frozen dinner (6), Pretzels (2), Corn (2), Pudding cup (2)

D-Probably left over pasta from last night (I’m going to post that recipe soon, it’s one of our favorites).

Like I said I work today, but tomorrow I’m going to go work out at the gym at work again.  If I don’t you all are aloud to kick my butt.  We leave for Brian’s parents Saturday, which is a challenge, since there is nothing healthy to eat there.

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Weigh in Day

So, it was weigh in day today. I was down half a pound. Not a lot, but considering I was expecting a gain, I’m happy.  I’ve lost seven total in three weeks.  I ate so much junk this week between Super Bowl and Fat Tuesday there was junk everywhere all week. I did really well yesterday. I didn’t eat anything that I hadn’t planned for. I ended up not working out because my class went until after 3:00 and I hadn’t eaten lunch yet. So much for the class only being an hour long. I have to work from 3-7 tonight, so I’m going to try to get in some exercise here at home. Oh, and yesterday I threw away my left over birthday cake.  It killed me since that thing cost $20, but I’ve been picking at it, so in the trash it went.  Here is my plan for today.

B-Oatmeal (2)

L-Chicken Breast (5), Shrimp (2), 3 pirogies (3), Black Beans (2), Tortilla Chips (2), Weight Watcher Ice cream (2)
D-Lean Cuisine Panini (6), Tomato Soup (2), Pudding Cup (2)

I’ve started looking at home workout equipment. I’d like to have some sort of cardio equipment to have here at the house to do in front of the TV while I watch my shows that I record. I would like to have a treadmill because of it’s more versatile. But, I need something more low impact. One of the nurses I work with has a Gazelle at home and really likes it. They are pretty cheep, and I think it would a good piece to start with. I really want an elliptical, but to have a nice one it’s thousands of dollars. I’m also going to check out Play It Again Sports to see what they have.

The weather around here has been crazy. Two days ago it was so warm that everyone was walking around in short sleeves, that night we had tornado watches and the sirens were going off, today we have snow.

Have a good day everyone and make it count!

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I’m not catholic and I’ve never given up anything for Lent before. But, I figure since I chowed down at work for Fat Tuesday with every one, that I’m going to do something for Lent this year. Instead of giving up one specific thing, I’m going to count points for every single thing that goes in my mouth for the next 40 days.

Here’s my menu for today:

B-Jimmy Dean Light Sandwich (5)

L-Grilled Cheese (4), Tomato Soup (2), FF Jello Pudding w/Cool Whip Free (2)

D-Maple Glazed Chicken Breast (5), Mashed Potatoes (6), Green Beans (0)

D-2 Weight Watcher Chocolate cakes w/ Cool Whip Free (2)

I’m going to work out after the class I have at work today.


Questions of the Week
Roni’s question of the week on her blog is: Why do you want to lose weight? Here’s my list.
1. I want to be comfortable in my own skin and not feel like the fat girl constantly.
2. I want to have children sometime soon. I don’t want to start off a pregnancy unhealthy.
3. I want to be able to shop at any store I want to and not worry about how big their sizes go.
4. I want my husband to look at me with pride.
I could add a lot more, but I need to get ready for work so I will have time to eat lunch before I go.


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Back on track

Well, I gave myself yesterday off from counting points and being good.  Well, that turned into me not doing so hot all weekend.  Saturday I didn’t eat breakfast, but then we had fast food for lunch while running around getting groceries.  Then I had a frozen pizza that had veggies and chicken on it, but still high in points for dinner.  We won’t even talk about yesterday.  I’m going to take the jalapeño poppers to work and see if I can get rid of them today.  I work today, tomorrow, and Thursday this week, so I won’t get in much exercise.  Well, besides being on my feet 13 hours each day.  I’m going to try to do something light on Wednesday.  I’m scared of the scale this week.  I’m just hoping that I don’t gain.

Here’s the plan for today:

B-Cheerios (2), Banana (2) , FF Milk (1)

L-Frozen Dinner (6), Broccoli (0), Pretzels (2), FF pudding cup (2)

Do you see a pattern to my lunches on days that I work?

D-Something quick since I will get home late.

February 4, 2008 at 6:18 am 2 comments


Today was WI day!  I lost 1.5 pounds this week.  Someone tell me why I’m a little disappointed??  I guess after five pounds last week 1.5 doesn’t seem like a lot, but it is a healthy number to lose.  And it’s WAY better than gaining.  I guess I was just hoping for another week a little above average since it’s only my second week and I worked out quit a bit this week.  I promise to try to be happier about it!

I did get a few compliments from work last night.  People wanting to know if I had lost weight.  I think it must be a fluke or the new scrubs I was wearing, because there is no way people could tell after only two weeks right?

Yesterday I passed the 1,000 mark of hits to my blog!  Most of those have been over the past couple weeks since I started posting more regularly.  The funny thing is I’ve gotten more hits on my post about Hillary Clinton than anything else.  Maybe I should make this a political blog…NOT!  I also get a ton of hits every day from people searching about the NCLEX and HESI.  All I can say is do a million practice questions!  I used the neon green Saunders Q&A Review book.  There is nothing in it but practice questions and it comes with a CD of questions too.  It’s on sale at Amazon right now, click the picture to link to it.


I work again today, so here is my menu:

B-Cheerios (2), FF Milk (1), Banana (2)

L-Frozen Dinner (4), Broccoli (0), Pretzels (2), Pudding cup (2)

D-Not sure, maybe tacos again.  Can you tell I have left over taco meat to eat up?

January 31, 2008 at 6:23 am 3 comments

Food Find

La Tortilla Factory

Have you tried these? They are La Tortilla Factory’s Smart & Delicious tortillas. For a while I couldn’t find them at the store, but that’s because they have changed their package and the store moved them to a different aisle. I use to find them up by the deli, but now they are back in the Mexican aisle. These tortillas are so good. They are big burrito size tortillas. Here are their stats. Are you ready?!? For one big tortilla 90 calories, 3 grams of fat, and THIRTEEN grams of Fiber. Now, if you follow the new Weight Watchers system that is 1 point. But, if you follow the old school Weight Watchers were there is no limit to how much fiber you count, they are ZERO!!!

They come in different flavors, so you can get plane for your tacos, Spinach for your wraps, bake some up for some healthy tortilla chips, and so on. I’ve served them to friends with tacos and one of the guys commented that they were really good after being suspicious that they’re “healthy” food. Your family will never know the difference!

Click the picture to link to their website. They have some yummy looking recipes there too.

January 30, 2008 at 1:33 pm 1 comment

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