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We’re back!

So, we’ve been home from Las Vegas for a few days. We had tons of fun, but we were exhausted when we got home. We ran the entire trip trying to see as much as we could in the trip. We fell in love with Vegas. Not the strip, but the city. It’s so beautiful there. I hated returning to the cold, snowy, icy Midwest. Especially since the entire area of Cincinnati is out of salt and we’re supposed to get more snow and ice this week. Why do we live here again?? Both of us are wondering that right now. Anyway, here are some pictures.

Bellagio Chandelier
The ceiling in the Bellagio. The Bellagio and Venetian were my favorites.
Bellagio Garden Flowers Bellagio
Brian Paris
Brian and I Eiffel Tower
Brian and I at the top of the Eiffel Tower. It was windy and cold (hence the hair flying across my face), but we were determined to stay up there long enough to see the Bellagio fountains while we were up there.
Brian Paris buffet
Brian’s tummy is very happy, as was mine, after breakfast at Paris’ buffet. If you go to Vegas I order you to go to the buffet at Paris for breakfast!! If you get there early (they open at 7AM Las Vegas time) you won’t have to wait in line like you would for dinner there. Hey, if you’re going to go anywhere in the world for breakfast it would be France right?? YUM!!
Brian and I Hoover Dam
Brian and I at Hoover Dam. Check out the new bridge they are building. I’m not sure I could drive across that with out freaking out. Yeah, I’m scared of heights. If you go to Hoover Dam and you can afford it, fork out the extra money for the longer tour, it’s worth it. Another fear of mine?? Being crushed in an earth quake. Being down in the tunnels inside Hoover Dam and knowing we were on a fault line and there was a huge quake in upper Nevada the day before kind of had me freaking. It was actually snowing while we were there. Figures that the snow would follow me to the desert.
This was a double rainbow over Lake Mead, unfortunately the camera wasn’t able to pick up the second rainbow. We could see the end of the rainbow, but there was no leprecon, or gold.
Brian and I at Red Rock
Brian and I at Red Rock Canyon. It was gorgeous out that day. There were tons of people out rock climbing and hiking.
Brian and I Gondella Ride
Brian and I at the Venetian on our gondola ride. Our gondolier was awesome. He was the first gondolier at the Venetian, a real Italian charmer.
OK, I could post soooo many more. We took close to 600 pictures in less than three full days. OK, ok, I confess, I took almost 600 pictures in less than three full days. Brian had nothing to do with it. Hopefully this page doesn’t take forever to load for you. WordPress is being very slow for me. Oh, back on my diet tomorrow. I’ve been bad, bad, bad!

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T Minus 9 Hours

 Well, I’m home from work and packed. We leave for Vegas in the morning. I’m exhausted from working three twelves in a row, and we have to get up at 6 tomorrow. It sucks that we have to drive to Indianapolis to fly even though there is an airport in Cincinnati. But, we saved like 4 or 5 hundred dollars a piece by flying out of Indy. Stupid Delta. I’ll probably need a vacation to recover from our vacation by the time I get home. Just pray that we don’t get any more snow tonight and we have no travel issues. The past few times we have flown we’ve almost missed our flight every time. Once they were paging our names through the entire airport, but we had been stuck in security for an eternity. We got to the airport three hours before our flight and still barely made it to the gate in time. I’m not sure if I’ll post while we’re in Vegas or not. It will just depend on how much down time we have. Have a good weekend everyone!!

Oh, please pray that I don’t end up sick while we’re gone.  Several people at work were sick today.  Not to mention a few influenza cases on our floor lately.  I had the flu shot, but you never know.  One nurse actually had the nerve to go off on me today when I asked her to please cover her mouth when she coughed.  She coughed in my face at least five times today with out covering her mouth.  She informed me that if I didn’t want to get sick then I should have stayed at home and not gone to work.  Excuse me?  If you’re sick then you’re the one that should keep your butt in bed instead of spreading it to everyone at work.  You would think that a nurse would know to cover her mouth when she coughs.  Gross.  OK, vent time over.  I’m going to bed!!

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Viva Las Vegas!

Our trip to Las Vegas is confirmed! We got confirmation on our free hotel rooms and booked our flights today. I’m so excited, I can’t hardly stand it. Since we had a chance of moving to Las Vegas last year I did a lot of research on Las Vegas for that. I’m just wondering what the MUST SEE and do things are in Las Vegas. Weather it be your favorite place on the strip or a best kept secret place. We’ve rented a car, so we will be able to leave the city to visit things further out if we want.

Brian has never been to Las Vegas and I haven’t been since I was little, so it should be lots of fun. Let me know your suggestions!

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Camera Shopping Part Deux

Well, I’ve diffidently decided that I want a dSLR. Brian and I went to Best Buy last night so I could play with the cameras. And he got to play PS3 for about 45 minutes. I really like the Nikon D80. However, I would love to have a camera with a LCD screen that I can compose pictures on. Of course Nikon just came out with these 2 months ago and it’s oh, like $2,500, not including any lenses. Um, yeah, won’t be happening any time soon.

In other news we’re planning a vacation for a long weekend. Last year my mom got a free hotel package from the man who does their taxes every year. She gave it to us since it’s only good for two people and it’s hard for her to get away with my grandparents needing help. We’re still trying to decide where we want to go. We’re thinking either Las Vegas or somewhere in California. Somewhere WARM that’s for sure. It’s been bitterly cold here this weekend. Yesterday I took off my gloves and in less than 20 seconds they were numb. Anyway, I’m excited to get away for a few days. Brian has never been to Vegas or California. Hopefully I can get my camera before we go so I can get some awesome pictures.

I would love to go to California and lounge on the beach all day, but I need to lose this weight before I would feel relaxed in a bathing suit.

And last, but not least the Packers just lost. I’m actually really bummed even though I thought I wouldn’t care who won. I’m not a Packers or Giants fan, but I would have been happy for Favre to make it too the Super Bowl, he’s had a great year. So, Melissa will be cheering for the Patriots on Super Bowl Sunday.

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