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5 Days ago it was 70 degrees

Here’s what we did today.
Street Snow
Brian Snow
We got around 4 inches of snow today. But the wind was blowing so hard that in some spots you could see the grass, in other you sunk past your ankles because of the drifts.
Maggie Snow 1
Maggie loves the snow, so we put on tons of warm layers and headed to the dog park. We’ve done this several times when there has been a few inches of snow and we’re always the only people there.
Maggie Snow 2
Who knew beagles were snow dogs?? She ran, and ran, and ran.
Of course it took longer to get dressed and drive there and back than the time we were actually there. Within 10 or 15 minutes Maggie was freezing and ran to the gate to go home. But it’s still fun watching her run and dig in the snow.
Brian and Maggie Snow
We’re supposed to get another 12 inches tomorrow! I’m moving to Las Vegas! Or Hawaii! Or Bermuda!

March 7, 2008 at 10:26 pm 1 comment

Uno is Number 1!!

Dear Uno,

Congratulations on your win last night!! I cheered for you through the entire puppy show. My mommy and daddy told me about the puppy show last week and I saw the commercials on TV, so I used the remote while they weren’t looking to tape it. Uno, I think you’re the most handsome beagle I’ve ever seen. Do you think you could be my boyfriend? I’m really cute and I’m well behaved. I don’t chew or dig and mommy and daddy say I’m finally potty trained. I would share my favorite toys with you too. I would even share my bed, of course it would be a tight squeeze since mommy and daddy sleep in my bed too. Just don’t touch my chewy!


Mommy said you’re the first beagle to win EVER! Can you believe that? Beagles are freaking awesome and we’ve never won before?? It must be because all of those judges like prissy little fake dogs. Not dogs that run and bark and hunt with their noses. Speaking of noses, how do you stand walking around being judged with out your nose to the ground?? Didn’t you want to sniff around for some treats that someone might have dropped? At least you barked and barked and barked while you were being judged. Way to go! You’re my kind of dog!


Uno barking


Oh, and that big silver dog dish you won?? That has to hold a ton of puppy food right? When we get married and you move in with me…..don’t forget to bring that thing with you! We’ll eat steak out of it every night, if I can talk mommy and daddy into making steak for us. I’m sure with both of our cute faces looking pathetically at them they would cave in.

Uno bowl

Call me!

Love and kisses,

Maggie XOXO

Maggie 5

February 13, 2008 at 10:33 am 1 comment

Four Years Old

Happy Birthday to you!
Maggie 1
Happy Birthday to you!
Maggie 2
Happy Birthday dear Maggie!
Maggie 3
Happy Birthday to you!
Maggie 4

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