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Scottsdale, AZ


With the Super Bowl being in Scottsdale this weekend (go Patriots!)I can’t help but think back about the job that Brian interviewed for and turned down there. Brian and I flew out a little over a year ago to interview in person and he was offered the job. We loved the city and the people that we met. I still crave food from the Greek place we ate at while we were there. But, when we got back to Cincinnati and thought about it we felt that God was not ready for us to leave here. Another problem was that we felt that Brian would be set up for failure since the rest of the staff was not 100% committed to the work. They all had other part time or full time jobs that were their true passion.

I still can’t help but wonder where we would be now if Brian had taken the job. He would have moved out to Arizona while I stayed in Cincinnati for the next six months while I finished school. Yuck! We would have been making a lot of money, but considering a house in a nice neighborhood is around half a million out there, we would probably still be renting. However, the job security would have been nice. I believe God has a plan for us, and while it’s easy to look back and wonder if we would have been happier their, I still have to have faith that it is not where God wanted us.


Ahh, se la vie!

Please pray or us this week. Brian has a job interview tomorrow morning for a job that sounds awesome.


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Feeling beat up

We aren’t moving to Nashville. Brian is back home here in Cincinnati. We are both still in shock and it hasn’t all sunk in yet. Brian’s experience was so bad that he was ready to report the company to the Better Business Bureaus. So much for southern hospitality. Thank God we had not signed anything like a lease or mortgage. Thank God I am still working here in Cincinnati and have a boss who will be so excited that I’m not leaving. Or at least I think she will. The way our luck has been lately I’m not so sure. I feel like nothing will ever go our way again. After searching for so long and being constantly let down, it’s hard not to start feeling sorry for yourself.  I think we’re both scared to become excited about anything. But we’ll heal and start the search over again. Please keep us in your prayers during this trying time of job searching.

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Job Search Update

I have a phone interview scheduled for Monday!  It’s for a day shift position at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, which is where I really want to work.  I’m not in love with the floor I would be working on, but I could live with it.  And it would get my food in the door to move into a unit that I really want.  They have a high risk labor and delivery floor and I’m sure an awsome ER there, both of which I’m very interested in.  Can you tell that I love adrenalin rushing jobs???

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Job Search Frustration

Why is it so hard to find a day shift job in the nursing world? I know that I was seriously lucky to get a day shift job straight out of school, but I took a job at a lower paying hospital to get it. I’m so glad that I did. I love my boss and everyone I work with. Now I’m on the search again and everything that I’m interested in and qualify for is a night shift job. The hospital that I REALLY want to work at has NO day shift jobs. I guess that’s because everyone else REALLY wants to work there too.

I’ve worked nights for over a year and my body never adjusted to the schedule. I fell asleep taking someones temperature one night. I don’t trust myself handing out medications while feeling like a zombie. And driving home? HA! I fell asleep driving almost every morning on my way home. I’m lucky I never killed myself or someone else. Plus, it sucks when all of your friends and family are out having fun while you are stuck trying to sleep or at work.

So, I’m sitting here applying for every day shift job I can find. Most hospitals in Nashville have no day shit jobs available at all. But, I just found a hospital that lists several. Do I give in and work nights for awhile to get into a hospital and unit that I really want?? Or do I go to a smaller hospital and unit that I’m not too crazy about to get day shift??

I guess we’ll see what happens…..

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