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I haven’t weighed myself in almost a month. Mostly because I haven’t been as good as I should be and I’ve been scared to see the results. Well, I weighed myself today and I’ve lost 1.5 pounds since then. I can handle that. Especially since I haven’t counted a single point or worked out since then.

I bought a digital SLR finally! I got it a few days ago. I’m still playing with it trying to figure out all of the wheels and buttons. I got a Nikon D70 from E-bay that came with two lenses, a bag, 5 gigs of memory, and a few other things.

Nikon D70

I had to order a memory card reader from e-bay last night. The camera didn’t come with the cable I need to hook it to my computer, and the memory card doesn’t fit in any of the slots on my computer. So, it will be a few days before I can actually upload any pictures from it and post them.

We ended up getting between 10 and 12 inches of snow. I think we’re going to go to the dog park again today. I’ll try to post some pictures from yesterday and today that I took with my other digital camera when we get back home. Hopefully Brian and I don’t end up fallling. There is no salt anywhere in Cincinnati and we used the last of ours a few weeks ago. Most of the towns around here don’t even have salt left to put on the roads. Hurry up spring! I’m ready for some warm weather!


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Happy Valentines Day!

Well, first bad news.  Today was weigh in day and I gained.  I gained 1.5!  SUCK!  Especially since I ate a lot better than last week.  I was on plan all week except for twice we went out to eat early in the week.  I wasn’t good, but haven’t used any flex points except for those.  I’m wondering if maybe I’m holding  a lot of fluid in my muscles from my work out last night.  My arms and legs were like noodles when I left the gym at work.  I don’t know, kind of frustrating.  However I have gotten compliments from people at work that they can tell my scrubs are getting big on me.  At first I thought that was strange, but I realized that I have gave lost almost 17 pounds since I started working there.  I lost almost 10 of that before I started dieting.

Next, good news.  Hubby and I exchanged Valentines gifts last night since I have to work today.  Of course he went all out with out telling me he was actually getting me a nice present.  Usually for Valentines we just get something small for each other like cards and flowers or chocolates.  So, I got him a card and some good chocolate.  He got me a camera!  It’s not my SLR, but it is a nice point and shoot to replace the crappy one I have now.  It will be a perfect camera to slip into my purse on days that I don’t want to take my SLR once I get it.  Perfect timing since I was dreading taking pictures in Vegas with our previous camera.

Here’s my menu for today:

B-Oatmeal (2)

L-Frozen dinner (6), Pretzels (2), Corn (2), Pudding cup (2)

D-Probably left over pasta from last night (I’m going to post that recipe soon, it’s one of our favorites).

Like I said I work today, but tomorrow I’m going to go work out at the gym at work again.  If I don’t you all are aloud to kick my butt.  We leave for Brian’s parents Saturday, which is a challenge, since there is nothing healthy to eat there.

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Happy Hump Day!

Well, Brian is at his job interview right now.  I don’t really know what to pray for except for that he does well.  It seems that every time I feel that God is leading us somewhere or I’m sure Brian has interviewed for the perfect job it ends up not working out.

Oh, and that camera I ordered??  Remember it??  Yeah, I don’t expect to ever get it.  I was stupid and didn’t read reviews on the website that I ordered it from.  I thought it was weird that I never got a confirmation e-mail or anything from them, so I started reading about their company last night and found out they have hundreds of complaints against them at the Better Business Bureau.  So far I have been lucky and they haven’t charged me for the camera either.  I’ll be watching to make sure they don’t charge me and if they do I will dispute it with our bank.  So, I’m camera shopping again.  My lens that I ordered is on its way, I just won’t have a camera to use it with yet. HA!

Soooo, now I’m of course debating back and forth about what camera I want again.  I diffidently want a Nikon.  Maybe Brian will get this job and I’ll have unlimited resources to buy whatever camera I want.  Ha! Ha!

Work just called me to see if I would pick up a four hour shift from 3-7 today.  Since I got called off on Sunday I’m going to pick it up.  So, I’m just going to do a cardio video here at home.  I had planned to make baked mac n cheese for dinner, but I guess I will just take a frozen dinner with me.

Here’s my menu for today:

B-blueberry oatmeal (2)

L-Taco salad or Tacos w/ light tortillas

D-Frozen dinner (6) , broccoli(0), pretzels (2), chocolate pudding cup(2)

Well, I better go EAT my oatmeal since it’s almost lunch time already!

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Camera Shopping Part Deux

Well, I’ve diffidently decided that I want a dSLR. Brian and I went to Best Buy last night so I could play with the cameras. And he got to play PS3 for about 45 minutes. I really like the Nikon D80. However, I would love to have a camera with a LCD screen that I can compose pictures on. Of course Nikon just came out with these 2 months ago and it’s oh, like $2,500, not including any lenses. Um, yeah, won’t be happening any time soon.

In other news we’re planning a vacation for a long weekend. Last year my mom got a free hotel package from the man who does their taxes every year. She gave it to us since it’s only good for two people and it’s hard for her to get away with my grandparents needing help. We’re still trying to decide where we want to go. We’re thinking either Las Vegas or somewhere in California. Somewhere WARM that’s for sure. It’s been bitterly cold here this weekend. Yesterday I took off my gloves and in less than 20 seconds they were numb. Anyway, I’m excited to get away for a few days. Brian has never been to Vegas or California. Hopefully I can get my camera before we go so I can get some awesome pictures.

I would love to go to California and lounge on the beach all day, but I need to lose this weight before I would feel relaxed in a bathing suit.

And last, but not least the Packers just lost. I’m actually really bummed even though I thought I wouldn’t care who won. I’m not a Packers or Giants fan, but I would have been happy for Favre to make it too the Super Bowl, he’s had a great year. So, Melissa will be cheering for the Patriots on Super Bowl Sunday.

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Camera Shopping Advice?

I’ve been shopping for a new digital camera for awhile now. I’m in a predicament and wondering if anyone has any advice. Right now I own a basic digital point and shoot Canon that I got a few years ago. It’s like 3 MP, I don’t even think they make 3 MP anymore do they? Anyway, it took pretty good pics when I first got it. Lately the pictures have become really grainy and blurry. Now my conundrum is what kind of camera to get.

I had been looking at the Canon S5 IS. It’s in my budget and has gotten pretty good reviews. It would be a point and shoot, but I could still buy the accessory lenses for it if I wanted to.

Canon S5 IS
I’ve also been considering getting a nicer dSLR and later upgrading our point and shoot to have something small to take with us. I really like the Nikon D80. Of course that increases the price, A LOT. And I would have to buy lenses and I think a new memory card. I would diffidently have to save up money longer. I could buy the Canon S5 IS now.
Nikon D80

I would be willing to buy a used camera as long as it is in good shape. I’ve been looking on eBay and Craig’s list. I’ve also looked at new cameras.

Anyway, any suggestions on where to shop for cameras and get a great price? Where to shop for used cameras? What do you think about which camera to look at? I’m really interested in taking photography and Photoshop classes eventually. I would appreciate your suggestions.

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