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My Girl

We’ve had two seperate ultrasounds where the tech has been pretty sure it’s a girl.  The tech still hasn’t been able to get a view that told her 100% it’s a girl.  She will just not open her legs!scan0002

We were able to get the shots of everything she needed to see.  Last time we couldn’t get a good view of the heart of the cord.  But she got tons of shots of the heart today and what she needed of the cord.

We also got video of the entire ultrasound, which I’m sure I will watch over and over.

This girl is going to have my family’s long legs!  Each time her legs measure an entire week ahead of the rest of her body.  She weighed in at 1lb 3oz today.

I’m so excited to start getting the nursery painted and everthing ready.  And of course we can’t wait to meet her!


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This week I’ve spent my time studying in bed while fighting a nasty cold.  I had ACLS (learning to run a code) class all day yesterday and the test today.


The test includes being the team leader during a practice code, then taking a written test on reading EKG’s and another written test about what to do during codes.  It’s pretty stressful with a lot to learn, but thankfully it was some what of a review for me since I had a quicker version of this class back in Cincinnati.

Now, heaven forbid I ever find myself the only person who is ACLS certified at the scene of a code I will know what to do.  Hopefully, if I don’t forget it all!

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