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More house pics

I keep getting hounded to post more pics of the house.  We haven’t gotten a whole lot done since I posted last, but here are a few more pics.

Some of my bird feeders.

Brian’s office, still in progress.  It actually looks worse now than it did two days ago.  How is that possible?

The downstairs bath.

The upstairs guest bath.

My office/one of the spare bedrooms.  It’s still a work in progress.  That’s my trundle bed that I slept in when I was young.  We stripped off the brown varnish and painted it black.

Brian mowing the lawn for the first time.


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In Need of Prayer

It’s been a rough weekend.  My family has sickness going on along with a lot of stress of who can help take can of my grandparents.  My sister also found out that her fiance got papers to be in Japan a lot sooner than expected.  For those of you who don’ know her fiance is in the Air Force.  This means they are going to have to get married several months sooner than planned.

I also had a really rough night at work.  The nurse that is training me and I were in pod 3, which is where the worst patients are put.  We also had the trauma room, so we had the worst room in the worst pod.  With in 30 minutes we had two deaths in that room.  Both of them came in already receiving CPR in the ambulance.  The first patiens was a cute little old lady from a nursing home, her family came in and handled it well.  They seemed to be at peace about it that she had lived a good life and it was her time.

The next man was in his 50’s, but in very poor health.  He weighed almost 500 pounds with long time lung and heart problems.  About 20 of his family members, including small children showed up and were all hysterical.  It got pretty interesting for awhile.  And please, don’t let small children into the room right after a death.  It’s pretty traumatic and the mom of the children who showed up a little while later was not happy that they were taken into the room by the family.

The next death was the worst, though it wasn’t our patient.   I don’t know the whole story, I just know that a 25 year old female came in with her boyfriend and her 3 day old baby.  I believe she was diagnosed with pneumonia.  Sometime around midnight she started screaming that she couldn’t breath and soon she was entibated, then her heart stopped beating.  The best we could tell she threw a clot.  They worked on her for almost two hours, trying everything anyone could think of.  They even had a cardiologist in the room doing an echo trying to see if there was something wrong with her heart that they could rush her to surgery for.  All of the staff around the ER was silent and teary eyed the whole two hours, just watching the monitor and periodically stepping into the room praying for a miracle.  One of the ER Techs did chest compressions for the entire two hours no matter how many people offered and insisted that he let someone else do compressions for awhile.  I think it was the only way he could feel like he was helping her.

She had no family except for her 19 year old boyfriend, and from what we could gather he didn’t really have any family either.  At least none there supporting him.  I’m just praying that his family will step it up and help him raise that little baby.

I don’t work in the ER again until next Sunday night because I’m in class the rest of this week. Hopefully next Sunday night won’t be so awful.

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