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We finally have wireless internet again!  Hallelujia!  It’s scary how much we rely on the internet isn’t?  I’m constantly researching, looking up medications, and shopping and I haven’t known what to do with out it.  I’ve actually had to go buy stuff for our house with our researching first.

We’ve been busy bees this week.  We moved into the house a week ago yesterday.

This is a pick of the truck after it pulled into our driveway last weekend.  It took four or five hours for the two guys to get everything into the house.  I was just ready for them to leave so I could get to work unpacking.  The day that we closed Brian and I came to the house and painted the family room and cleaned the carpets.

This is our family room right now.  Notice Brian’s new toy hanging on the wall.  We still need to get the wires covered up and a few other things to this room, but for the most park it’s finished for now.

This is the kitchen.  It’s still unorganized, but the boxes are at least unpacked.  We have several projects for this room eventually.

And our master bedroom.  I still have clothes to unpack and we eventually want a new bedroom set, along with other projects.

Right now these are the only rooms with furniture in them.  Tomorrow is major project day.  We hope to finish with the second coat of paint in one of the spare bedrooms/my office.  Then we’ll see what we finish after that.  It seems like we’re in such a rush to get finished with everything.  I keep telling Brian we will own this house for several years and we don’t have to finish everything right now.  I know eventually the newness of he house will wear off and our progress with probably slow down.  I also expect it to slow down when things pick up more after launch Sunday in a few weeks.

I also had my first week of work this past week.  It was pretty stressful.  I was an hour late the first day due to some paperwork issues.  My second day I was a little late because we had tornado warnings going through the area, so traffic was a mess.  After that was my first day in the ER.  I was also late that day.  I got there and my badge wouldn’t work to raise the gait to get into employee parking.  Finally, someone pulled up behind me and scanned their badge to let me in.  I worked two shifts in the ER this week.  They both went well, but everything is still so overwhelming right now.  I’m hoping the class that I go to in a couple weeks will go into better detail about all of the paperwork and such.  I must say I will diffidently have some great stories to tell from time in the ER.  I’ve already taken care of someone hit by a semi.  I even drove by the semi still in the ditch on my way home.

We’ll keep posting more pics of our progress around the house as we complete more projects.


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  • 1. Nicholas Viltrakis  |  September 4, 2008 at 7:06 am

    Tell Brian to get off his lazy butt and help you decorate!


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