Finally, a good day!

March 20, 2008 at 9:24 pm Leave a comment

It was a pretty good day at work today.  I actually got out some what on time.  Only 45 minutes late instead of a 15 hour day.  I’m glad I have a long weekend off, my feet are killing me.  Supposedly it’s supposed to get better with the new schedule that is coming out now that they have hired more staff that are starting to finish their training.  I’m trying to stick it out for awhile since Brian is still looking for a more permanent job.  The moral on our floor is really bad right now.  Even one of the nurses who hasn’t even been out of training for a full week is going to start looking for a job somewhere else as soon as she passes her boards unless it really does start to get better.  I feel bad for her, at least the floor wasn’t quite this bad when I first started.  I understand that it’s not all the fault of our leadership, our patients load has been really bad lately.  Today we had like 10 confused patients out of 23, if not more.  At least 5 patients that can not feed themselves, so someone has to feed them at every meal, and almost 20 patients that can not bath themselves, take them selves to the bathroom and so on.  There hasn’t been an empty bed on our floor in months.  We’re just all burnt out and exhausted.  We’ve been working our butts off to try to give good care that just can’t be done with the minimal staff that they try to get by on.  One of the aids was crying in the managers office this morning because someone had called in sick our the float pool nurse ended up getting pulled to another floor, so our aid was by herself.  Thankfully our managers started making calls and got 2 more aids to come in.  Why does it take someone falling apart before they pick the phone up to do that?? Yesterday they actually had people at home on call when we were swamped and our patients were getting poor care.  Like I said, I’m just hoping it starts getting better next week!

I’m sorry, I know my posts have turned to nothing but complaining about work.  It’s all I think about.  I can’t even sleep at night because I’m awake dreading going back, hoping that I don’t make a fatal mistake in my rush to try to take care of all my patients.  Even though it hasn’t sounded like it lately, I really do like my job.  I love my co-workers and my patients.  I like coming home knowing that I have helped someone when they’re scared.  I like knowing that I was there to comfort a family when they are grieving.  Like I said, hopefully it will get better soon.

I’ve been deleting pictures off of my computer over the last few days.  Hopefully I will finish sorting through them tomorrow so I can post some pictures from my trip home last weekend.


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