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Happy Birthday Brian!

Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday to you!
Brian Granduation
Happy Birthday Dear Brian!
Brian and I Las Vegas

 Happy Birthday to you!

 Brian Eyes

 Happy birthday honey!  I love you!


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My new blog!

Go check out my new photography blog!  On the right is a slideshow of some old and new photos that I’ve taken.  I’m going to be posting some photos that I took yesterday after dinner tonight.
Mitch and Michelle
(Click the pic for the link)
I will still post here, but most of my photography will be going there.

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Finally, a good day!

It was a pretty good day at work today.  I actually got out some what on time.  Only 45 minutes late instead of a 15 hour day.  I’m glad I have a long weekend off, my feet are killing me.  Supposedly it’s supposed to get better with the new schedule that is coming out now that they have hired more staff that are starting to finish their training.  I’m trying to stick it out for awhile since Brian is still looking for a more permanent job.  The moral on our floor is really bad right now.  Even one of the nurses who hasn’t even been out of training for a full week is going to start looking for a job somewhere else as soon as she passes her boards unless it really does start to get better.  I feel bad for her, at least the floor wasn’t quite this bad when I first started.  I understand that it’s not all the fault of our leadership, our patients load has been really bad lately.  Today we had like 10 confused patients out of 23, if not more.  At least 5 patients that can not feed themselves, so someone has to feed them at every meal, and almost 20 patients that can not bath themselves, take them selves to the bathroom and so on.  There hasn’t been an empty bed on our floor in months.  We’re just all burnt out and exhausted.  We’ve been working our butts off to try to give good care that just can’t be done with the minimal staff that they try to get by on.  One of the aids was crying in the managers office this morning because someone had called in sick our the float pool nurse ended up getting pulled to another floor, so our aid was by herself.  Thankfully our managers started making calls and got 2 more aids to come in.  Why does it take someone falling apart before they pick the phone up to do that?? Yesterday they actually had people at home on call when we were swamped and our patients were getting poor care.  Like I said, I’m just hoping it starts getting better next week!

I’m sorry, I know my posts have turned to nothing but complaining about work.  It’s all I think about.  I can’t even sleep at night because I’m awake dreading going back, hoping that I don’t make a fatal mistake in my rush to try to take care of all my patients.  Even though it hasn’t sounded like it lately, I really do like my job.  I love my co-workers and my patients.  I like coming home knowing that I have helped someone when they’re scared.  I like knowing that I was there to comfort a family when they are grieving.  Like I said, hopefully it will get better soon.

I’ve been deleting pictures off of my computer over the last few days.  Hopefully I will finish sorting through them tomorrow so I can post some pictures from my trip home last weekend.

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Back on track

I’ve been doing pretty good about what I’m eating lately, but not starving myself either.  I didn’t weigh myself this past weekend since I was at my parents house.  I need to stay motivated though, just a year until I need to be in a bridesmaid dress for my sister’s wedding.  We went shopping for a wedding dress while I was home, so that helped get me remotivated.  I’m going to post some pics as soon as I get them up loaded.I didn’t try on anything for bridesmaids stuff, I have no desire to try to get my fat butt into a dress right now.  I work today and tomorrow.  I will get back here at least one of my days off to work out.  I promise!!! Right now that is my biggest hurdle, getting motivated to get out of the house and work out on my days off when all I want to do is lay around in my PJ’s.  Here’s my menu for today.

B-Banana Oatmeal w/ 1/2 tbsp peanut butter stirred in.  (YUM!) (4pts)

L-Smart One’s Quesadillas (2 of them for 8 pts), Pretty good, but they were in the microwave for twice as long as the box said and still not quite hot.  Maybe it’s because the microwave here at work is older than I am. Pretzels (2), broccoli (0) and maybe 100 calorie pack later for a snack (2)

D-Left overs. Probably baked Mac’n’cheese or pot roast.

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Happy Birthday Grandpa!

My Grandpa’s 83rd Birthday was last week.  Soooo,
Happy Birthday to you!
Angie and Grandpa
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday Dear Grandpa!
Grandpa and Santa
Happy Birthday to you!!!

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I haven’t weighed myself in almost a month. Mostly because I haven’t been as good as I should be and I’ve been scared to see the results. Well, I weighed myself today and I’ve lost 1.5 pounds since then. I can handle that. Especially since I haven’t counted a single point or worked out since then.

I bought a digital SLR finally! I got it a few days ago. I’m still playing with it trying to figure out all of the wheels and buttons. I got a Nikon D70 from E-bay that came with two lenses, a bag, 5 gigs of memory, and a few other things.

Nikon D70

I had to order a memory card reader from e-bay last night. The camera didn’t come with the cable I need to hook it to my computer, and the memory card doesn’t fit in any of the slots on my computer. So, it will be a few days before I can actually upload any pictures from it and post them.

We ended up getting between 10 and 12 inches of snow. I think we’re going to go to the dog park again today. I’ll try to post some pictures from yesterday and today that I took with my other digital camera when we get back home. Hopefully Brian and I don’t end up fallling. There is no salt anywhere in Cincinnati and we used the last of ours a few weeks ago. Most of the towns around here don’t even have salt left to put on the roads. Hurry up spring! I’m ready for some warm weather!

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5 Days ago it was 70 degrees

Here’s what we did today.
Street Snow
Brian Snow
We got around 4 inches of snow today. But the wind was blowing so hard that in some spots you could see the grass, in other you sunk past your ankles because of the drifts.
Maggie Snow 1
Maggie loves the snow, so we put on tons of warm layers and headed to the dog park. We’ve done this several times when there has been a few inches of snow and we’re always the only people there.
Maggie Snow 2
Who knew beagles were snow dogs?? She ran, and ran, and ran.
Of course it took longer to get dressed and drive there and back than the time we were actually there. Within 10 or 15 minutes Maggie was freezing and ran to the gate to go home. But it’s still fun watching her run and dig in the snow.
Brian and Maggie Snow
We’re supposed to get another 12 inches tomorrow! I’m moving to Las Vegas! Or Hawaii! Or Bermuda!

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