T Minus 9 Hours

February 20, 2008 at 9:48 pm Leave a comment

 Well, I’m home from work and packed. We leave for Vegas in the morning. I’m exhausted from working three twelves in a row, and we have to get up at 6 tomorrow. It sucks that we have to drive to Indianapolis to fly even though there is an airport in Cincinnati. But, we saved like 4 or 5 hundred dollars a piece by flying out of Indy. Stupid Delta. I’ll probably need a vacation to recover from our vacation by the time I get home. Just pray that we don’t get any more snow tonight and we have no travel issues. The past few times we have flown we’ve almost missed our flight every time. Once they were paging our names through the entire airport, but we had been stuck in security for an eternity. We got to the airport three hours before our flight and still barely made it to the gate in time. I’m not sure if I’ll post while we’re in Vegas or not. It will just depend on how much down time we have. Have a good weekend everyone!!

Oh, please pray that I don’t end up sick while we’re gone.  Several people at work were sick today.  Not to mention a few influenza cases on our floor lately.  I had the flu shot, but you never know.  One nurse actually had the nerve to go off on me today when I asked her to please cover her mouth when she coughed.  She coughed in my face at least five times today with out covering her mouth.  She informed me that if I didn’t want to get sick then I should have stayed at home and not gone to work.  Excuse me?  If you’re sick then you’re the one that should keep your butt in bed instead of spreading it to everyone at work.  You would think that a nurse would know to cover her mouth when she coughs.  Gross.  OK, vent time over.  I’m going to bed!!


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