I must be crazy

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Yesterday I sent away for information about finishing my bachelors degree. I’ve requested information from NKU and UC. I have an appointment next month to tour NKU. Honey, are you reading this?? I forgot to tell you, I made a reservation for you to go with me if you want. :0) At the moment I’m more interested in NKU. It’s closer and a lot less traffic over there than trying to get to UC. Someone at work said “Why do you want to go back?” I was like “I’m stupid I guess.” I’m not really ready to go back. I’m still learning so much at work and attending classes at work to get some certificates that I need. But, I need to start researching and getting ready now if I want to start in the fall or next spring. I might be able to take some classes that I need at the junior college that I graduated from, it will depend on what I still need. I have most of my courses finished, just a couple prerequisites and then the nursing courses.

Speaking of learning at work. Isn’t it scary that I’m already training people?? I’ve had an orienty with me every day for the past week or so. Some days I feel like I’m doing a pretty good job of teaching them. Other days are so crazy and busy that they just run along behind me for the ride. I just try to tell them like everywhere some days are good and some days are bad. Of course our bad days usually mean that we’ve got one or more patients that should be in the ICU, but aren’t.

I wonder who we need to write to about getting a law passed to set nurse to patient ratios in Kentucky?? In California TCU nurses are not allowed to have more than four patients, even at night. On our floor we can have up to 5 during the day, 6 in the evening, and 8 at night. That is s0000 no safe. We’re considered a critical care floor, but I have to take care of 6 patients?? And that’s not just patient care. The evening is the worst time for getting slammed with admissions. So, I’m doing all of that paperwork, filing, signing off orders, putting information into the computer, printing care paths off, and trying to keep up with six critical patients. Plus we don’t have a charge nurse at that time to help with any of it. Sometimes we luck out and have a float nurse to help, but she has to help two different floors at once. So, we usually end up doing it on our own anyway.

OK, I need to get ready for work. Thanks for listening to me complain. Two more days of work and then LAS VEGAS!!! WOOHOO!!


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