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Our new place


Well, technically it’s not our new place. The inside pictures are of a different unit that is still for rent that is basically just like ours. They were taken before it was repainted in neutral colors and carpet replaced, so our kitchen is NOT neon yellow.


Eat in Kitchen

Living Room

Living Room, there is another room on this floor with a fireplace.

3rd floor room

One of the rooms on the 3rd floor. There are two large bedrooms up here.


The staircase

Living Room Windows

Windows in the living room.

(These pictures were taken from a website advertisings rentals on this street.


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Brian and I have been looking for a new place to live for the past couple weeks. We found a big row house close to downtown and the hospital. It’s in a neighborhood that used to not be so nice, but people are buying up the row houses and huge Victorians and restoring them. It will be nice to have our own place again. Someday I would love to buy our own old huge place to fix up instead of renting one. The landlord is going to give us the keys this week so we can slowly move our stuff in as the weather allows. We will officially be in starting January 1. I wish we were going to be in soon enough to get out our Christmas decorations, but I’ll live with out it, I guess. The next time we are over there I will take some pictures to post.

Oh, and who’s excited about the new Chronicles of Narnia movie coming out in 2 weeks???? ME! ME! lion.jpg

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We had our first snow fall today. Only a couple inches. I didn’t get to take any pictures before it got dark outside. Brian had the camera with him. I did some more crafting over the past two days. Here are my two snow men and a Christmas tree.


I can’t decide if I should make something to go on top of the tree or not. They had mini stars at the store, but I wasn’t crazy about any of them. What do you think?

The girl has a M on one of the mittens and snow flakes on the other mitten and her hat.


The boy has a B on his scarf and a snowflake on the other end.


My inspiration came from Pink Trees and MS.

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Feeling beat up

We aren’t moving to Nashville. Brian is back home here in Cincinnati. We are both still in shock and it hasn’t all sunk in yet. Brian’s experience was so bad that he was ready to report the company to the Better Business Bureaus. So much for southern hospitality. Thank God we had not signed anything like a lease or mortgage. Thank God I am still working here in Cincinnati and have a boss who will be so excited that I’m not leaving. Or at least I think she will. The way our luck has been lately I’m not so sure. I feel like nothing will ever go our way again. After searching for so long and being constantly let down, it’s hard not to start feeling sorry for yourself.  I think we’re both scared to become excited about anything. But we’ll heal and start the search over again. Please keep us in your prayers during this trying time of job searching.

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Picture Pages

Here’s what you do. Type the answer to the question on Google’s image search. Paste a picture from the 1st page of results.

1. What age will you be on your next birthday?

27 (27)

2. Where do you want to visit?

The Greek Islands (The Greek Islands)

3. Where is your favorite place?

Yellowstone (Yellowstone, this one was a hard choice)

4. What is your favorite object?


5. What is your favorite food?

Mexican Food

6. What is your favorite animal?


7. What is your favorite color?


8. What is the name of a past pet?


9. Where do you live?


10. What was your first grade teachers name?

Pancake (Actually I don’t remember her name, so this is for Pancake my Kindergarten teacher)

11. What is your middle name?


12. What is a bad habit you have?


13. What was/is your college major?


14. What is your favorite holiday?


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1 is the loneliest

Brian and IBrian moved to Nashville yesterday. And of course I now have three days off to wallow in my short term single life. In all of the times we have moved we have never moved at the same time. I’m dreading leaving my job, even though work has sucked this week. But I can’t wait to get to Nashville and be in our own place again. I’m already dreaming about having a craft room and the first projects I’m going to work on. Hopefully we can find something with a yard so I can expand my gardening this spring and summer.


Today I’m just laying around in my PJs giving my feet a rest until my phone interview at 3:00. Tomorrow I need to get out of the house I think. Maybe I’ll go to the craft store or something to look around.

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