Job Search Frustration

November 30, 2007 at 9:41 am Leave a comment

Why is it so hard to find a day shift job in the nursing world? I know that I was seriously lucky to get a day shift job straight out of school, but I took a job at a lower paying hospital to get it. I’m so glad that I did. I love my boss and everyone I work with. Now I’m on the search again and everything that I’m interested in and qualify for is a night shift job. The hospital that I REALLY want to work at has NO day shift jobs. I guess that’s because everyone else REALLY wants to work there too.

I’ve worked nights for over a year and my body never adjusted to the schedule. I fell asleep taking someones temperature one night. I don’t trust myself handing out medications while feeling like a zombie. And driving home? HA! I fell asleep driving almost every morning on my way home. I’m lucky I never killed myself or someone else. Plus, it sucks when all of your friends and family are out having fun while you are stuck trying to sleep or at work.

So, I’m sitting here applying for every day shift job I can find. Most hospitals in Nashville have no day shit jobs available at all. But, I just found a hospital that lists several. Do I give in and work nights for awhile to get into a hospital and unit that I really want?? Or do I go to a smaller hospital and unit that I’m not too crazy about to get day shift??

I guess we’ll see what happens…..


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