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Sights and Sounds

A few things stick out in my mind of experiences I have had while in nursing school, working as an aid, and a nurse.  Here are some examples, there are many more, but these are what I think of first.

The gorgeous blue eyes that God gave to an elderly Down Syndrome patient.  The sound of her telling her nurse from the group home she lives in that she loves her.

The look of determination on a 17 years old face as she learned to walk again after a stroke.

A confused patient sitting nude in another patients room at 3 AM.

The tears of joy as a new mother hears her baby girl cry for the first time.

The look of sadness as an 80 year old man sits by his wife’s death bead.

A confused patient who has managed to raise his bed 6 feet off of the ground.

A loving mother rocking her baby who has just returned from surgery to repair her cleft lip.

The look of amazement and excitement when a patient hears his own voice after not speaking in months because of a stroke.

The look of anxiety when a man’s wife is rushed down the hall for an emergency C-Section.

Being hugged by a patient and his wife after I walked him out to their car.

The look of fear on a 29 year olds face after finding out he had a heart attack.

The look of wonder that I’m sure was on my face when I watched the birth of a 20 week old premature baby and saw him survive.


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So, I passed my boards.  It’s official, I’m a RN!!   Kind of scary.   I found out around lunch time at work the day after my test that I had passed.  I wasn’t planning on checking the website until I got home, that way if I failed I could melt into a puddle in private.  But, everyone at work was driving me crazy wanting me to check, so I did.  When I walked out of the corner where the computer was and told everyone I passed they all went crazy.  Hugs, screaming, and high fives.  It was awesome and I’m so glad I checked at work now.  Only fellow nurses can understand how that feels, so I’m glad I got to celebrate with my colleagues.  I’m going to have at least one more week of orientation before I am on my own.  We’ll see how this next week goes.  Thanks to everyone for your support through school and the stress of getting ready for boards!

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My NCLEX Experience

So, I’m done.  The test is over.  Now the waiting begins.  I drove to Indianapolis yesterday around dinner time.  I swung by the testing center to make sure I could find it easily.  Then I headed to my aunts house where we watched Dancing with the Stars and I headed to bead.  I didn’t sleep well, one of those nights where you are in and out of sleep worried that you aren’t going to wake up in time.  So, since I didn’t really sleep I was up at 6:30.  I got ready, threw on some cumfy clothes and headed to the test.  I stopped and got some breakfast and snacks that I ended up not needing.  I got to the test center right on time and there were 4 or 5 of us on the elevator all heading to take our NCLEX.  Once we got to the Pearson testing center the lady at the desk was really nice.  We were all given directions, pretty much what isn’t allowed during the test.  Then we had to show our ID and ATT, sign our signature on an electronic pad, have our fingerprint taken twice, and get our picture taken.  High security for us law breaking nurses, ya know.  Then another lady called my name, checked my ID again and took my finger print again.  She went over the directions with me again, gave me a white board and marker, and walked me to my seat.  I then had to reread the directions again on the computer and click that I understood.  Then I had like a 5 question tutorial to make sure I knew how to take the test.  I closed my eyes, took a deep breath, said a quick prayer, and hit next for the real test to start.  Supposedly the first question is easy to get you off to a good start and help you start moving up in difficulty.  Yeah, I don’t remember what that first question was, but I had never heard of the disease.  Same with the next question, not good.  I wouldn’t say that any of the questions were easy, but I was pretty sure on quite a few of them.  I had several questions about rare diseases that I will probably never see.  I also had a lot of priority questions were all of the answers were patients who needed to be seen NOW and I had to choose who I would see first.  Then other questions were none the patients really had anything pressing going on I had to pick who to see first.  None, of the patients need anything right now?? Take a break while you can!!  Was what I wanted to answer.  Anyway, I got to 75 questions and the screen went blank for a second, just sitting there thinking, thinking, thinking……  At that point I was BEGGING the computer to shut off because I knew my brain was fading.  Thankfully, it finally popped up a screen telling my test was over and then had me complete a survey about 10 questions long about my test experience.  So, it’s over.  I feel pretty good about it, but who knows.  Hopefully the results are up sooner rather than later.

How I felt during the NCLEX

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Preparing to take the NCLEX

The NCLEX is the test that all RNs must pass in order to be licensed by their state.  It is a computerized test that bases your next question on whether you got the previous question right or wrong.  If you got it correct the next question is harder, if you got it wrong it gets easier.  However, you must maintain an average level of difficulty in order to pass.  The test shuts off anywhere from 75 to 265 questions based on how long it takes the computer to decide if you passed or not.  No matter what state you are getting licensed in, you must take this test, but never have to take it again (THANK GOD!).  I have felt pretty prepared for this test.  Of course there are areas that I am scared of because I just do not have a lot of experience in that field, such as pediatrics and psych.  I feel that my school and job as an aid did an excellent job preparing me for this one life changing test.  I had to take a HESI test after each 9 week course of school and also had to pass the HESI in order to graduate from college.  The HESI is basicly a practice exam for the NCLEX to see if  you are ready to take boards.  I passed the HESI with flying colors, even though while taking the HESI I was sure I had failed miserably because it was so awful.  So, basicly for the past couple months while waiting to take the NCLEX I have answered at least 1,000 practice questions from my Saunders books and CDs.  At this point most of the questions seem easy, hopefully that is a good sign.  For the most part everyone tells me how hard the boards are, so I’m scared that these questions I have been practicing are still too easy.  Anyway, I’ll keep plugging away, studying the only way I know how.  I take the test Tuesday morning in Indianapolis.  Please pray for me during and after the test while I wait anxiously for the results.

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Welcome to my new blog

I hope you enjoy my stories and insights along my travels as a new nurse. Learning, teaching, healing, caring, mistakes, heart break, love, frustration, and much more.

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