Funny Dog

I found this lately on a day when I really needed to laugh.  Just thought I would share.

Maggie does run and bark in her sleep, but nothing like that!!!  So funny!  I wonder what he was chasing!


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My Girl

We’ve had two seperate ultrasounds where the tech has been pretty sure it’s a girl.  The tech still hasn’t been able to get a view that told her 100% it’s a girl.  She will just not open her legs!scan0002

We were able to get the shots of everything she needed to see.  Last time we couldn’t get a good view of the heart of the cord.  But she got tons of shots of the heart today and what she needed of the cord.

We also got video of the entire ultrasound, which I’m sure I will watch over and over.

This girl is going to have my family’s long legs!  Each time her legs measure an entire week ahead of the rest of her body.  She weighed in at 1lb 3oz today.

I’m so excited to start getting the nursery painted and everthing ready.  And of course we can’t wait to meet her!

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This week I’ve spent my time studying in bed while fighting a nasty cold.  I had ACLS (learning to run a code) class all day yesterday and the test today.


The test includes being the team leader during a practice code, then taking a written test on reading EKG’s and another written test about what to do during codes.  It’s pretty stressful with a lot to learn, but thankfully it was some what of a review for me since I had a quicker version of this class back in Cincinnati.

Now, heaven forbid I ever find myself the only person who is ACLS certified at the scene of a code I will know what to do.  Hopefully, if I don’t forget it all!

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I have a brother!

Angie got married on the 3rd.  I didn’t have time to take any pics, but we had a lot of fun.  Angie looked beautiful.


They look so happy together.


And Angie already has him in his place.


Congrats you two!!  We love you guys!


(All of these pics were by their photographer)

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Dude, Share The Food!

This week was our church’s service Sunday.  We didn’t have a church service this week and instead spent the day serving.  We all headed to church somewhere else (where Eric, founder of Dude, Share the Food works).  After service our crew and about 10 people from the other church started making sack lunches.


Packing cookies into ziplock baggies

dsc_4454 Packing chips (what the crew calls “salties” into baggies

dsc_44552Making sandwiches

dsc_4456Brewing hot coffee for the people outside on the cold, wet day.

dsc_4459Filling the brown paper bags with fruit, cookies, “salties” sandwiches, and condiments.

After getting what I guess to be around 200 sack lunches made up and everything packed into the trucks we headed to downtown Atlanta.  We spent the next three or four hours passing out lunches, hot coffee, and water at a few different locations and a few out of the cars windows as we saw people while driving.  I even jumped out of the car at a couple of red lights.


Eric hanging out with a guy he has been able to build a relationship with over the past year and a half since starting Dude, Share the Food.

dsc_4464Handing out some lunches and warm clothes to these guys.  What is amazing, we were in an older part of town with huge beautiful homes, probably worth 100’s of thousands of dollars, people walked on the sidewalks with bags from stores and went into the pub across the street for lunch.  But the streets were littered with homeless that with our self consuming vision we all fail to see every day.  I wouldn’t have seen them if I hadn’t been looking for them.

dsc_44651Enjoying their hot coffee and lunch.  The guy on the left was pretty much blind.  When he came over I offered him a sack lunch and handed it toward him.  He just stood there and didn’t take it.  He had no idea that I was talking to him, let a lone that there was a sack lunch being offered.  He depended completely on his buddy to guide him through life.


I’m so blessed and spoiled, and don’t appreciate it!  Today made me think of all of the times I’ve driven by a homeless person and kept my eyes purposefully fixed ahead, because I thought I “couldn’t” help.  Every day while I was in nursing school I drove past the same man, on the same corner asking for help.  How come I never thought to make up a sack lunch to hand him while I waited at a red light?  I know why, because as soon as I drove past him I never thought of him again until the next day.

When Brian and I lived in Cincinnati there was a homeless man who went through our trash every week on trash day.  He pulled out all of the metal he could find through the neighborhood then sold it to the scrap metal factory.  This man usually had several huge trash bags full of cans every week and had on nice new clothes and work boots.  But I NEVER, NEVER thought to offer him a cup of hot coffee or some food.  Yep, I’m a spoiled loser.

I know I’m not the only one.  It’s so easy to get out and help others, it usually doesn’t cost much, or take much time.  The hard part, is taking the focus off of ourselves and our busy schedules and seeing the people around us who are hurting.  Maybe you can start by doing one simple thing.  Make up a sack lunch.  Make it PB&J so it can sit in your car for a day or two.  When you see someone standing on the corner, pushing their shopping cart, where ever they are, just hand it to them.  How hard is that?

Matthew 25:35

I was hungry and you fed me,
I was thirsty and you gave me a drink,
I was homeless and you gave me a room,
I was shivering and you gave me clothes,
I was sick and you stopped to visit,
I was in prison and you came to me.

Oh, and check out Dude, Share the Food! If you click on “What Does It Mean” you can see a video.

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There’s a bun in the oven!

That’s right! We’re expecting an addition to the family next June 21st! We found out almost a month ago when I took a pregnancy test.


Our first positive test. October 14, 2008


Our second positive test! October 15, 2008

I had an ultrasound today and everything looked good, so we’re finally sharing the news with the world. My due date is June 21, 2009.


The 3D ultrasound picture. November 10, 2008. It’s in position to get it’s butt wiped already!

So, now everyone knows!! Ugh, it feels so good to finally spill the beans! And I can post on here with out feeling like everything is so fake because I have a HUGE secret to hide. We feel totally blessed and lucky, especially since we hadn’t even started trying to get pregnant yet. We had some scares at the beginning because of my gallbladder problems. They did an ultrasound a month ago when I was in the ER and they couldn’t see anything yet. My lab numbers were also low at the that time. But, that all makes since now because we know from my ultrasound today that I wasn’t as far along as we thought a month ago. So, ready or not, here it comes!

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Some Pics!

I know, I know.  I’ve been a bad blogger lately.  Today I emptied out the camera’s memory card.  Something I haven’t done in months.  I still have pics on the Nikon to empty, but I at least got the point and shoot empty.  Here’s what we’ve been up to.

Velocity’s first practice service.

Chase playing during encounter time yesterday.

My cousin Damon’s little boy Camron had his 4th birthday and got his first bike.

I went home for my friend Erin’s wedding.

Saturday Brian and I went to Helen, GA for their Oktoberfest.  Unfortunatly, my camera was on some weird setting the entire time, so every picture came out blue.  This is Brian by the Chattahoochee river while we were waiting to be seated at the restaurant on the river.

That’s pretty much it.  We’ll be flying home again in December for my sister’s graduation and then again in January for her wedding.  Today is my first day of work out of orientation.  Hopefully I survive and all of my patient’s do as well!

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